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ROAR! *****ROAR IS TAKING TIME OFF PLEASE COME BACK LATER, THANK YOU!!!!***** Playing the best of the best that makes you want to ROAR for more as the tunes keep rocking on!
No matter where you are or what you are doing, music can play a big factor in your mood and emotions. We at ROAR what to make that music count for the positive in your life. We want to empower you with the music we play.

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First off let me take this time to say THANK YOU to every man or women who has served or serving this country in the Military. It does not matter what you did, the fact that you were willing to place your life on the line for us is a wonderful thing, so thank you.
There are many ways that civilians can help those not only serving by who have served. So do not just sit on the side lines, just DO IT... You never know, you may help save a life too.. THE POWER TO DO IS ALL IT TAKES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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